Kisoro Concern For



Kisoro Concern for Marginalised People Organisation having seen the suffering the indigenous Batwa were going through, we contacted our friends who gave us money to implment farming project for one year, this project run from December 2018 to December 2019. Using this money, we rented land for the Indigenous minority Batwa so that they can start growing crops such as Irish potatoes.

Our strategy was premised on “Teach a man how to fish other than giving him fish” this is because the Batwa were used to receiveing handouts (money) and this habit was promoting high level of dependence and demoralising their effort to hard work.

It should be noted that if Indigenous batwa are empowered, they are hard working people as opposed to some reports that have categorised them as lazy people who enjoys begging, they beg because they don’t have capacity and power to produce their own food, give them land and what to use, they will produce their own food.

In addition, as a way of improving nutrition, KCOMPO plans to introduce vegetable gardens methodology, this is because, since pygmies don’t own land, we shall champion a methodology of vegetable growing especially in buckets and containers

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