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Savings & Finance

It should be noted that, in our communities we do saving, and even go an extra mile to plan for eventualities, during our community assessment meetings with the Indigenous Batwa, we found out that savings was a big challenge to them, they revealed to us that they always receive visitors who come to visit them and experiment the forest experience to them but the money they give to them is wasted in taking alcohol.

We advised them that when they save their little earnings, they can help them to meet basic needs in their homes and be able to meet eventualities such as death, sickness, pay bride price for their sons, contribute to the social functions, and buy clothes and food especially during time of scarcity.

Their savings can also help them in areas of agriculture and animal rearing since they can buy seed and animals such as goats, heans, rabits, and sheep and these animals do not take long to reproduce thus multiplication of wealth.

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