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Shelter Construction

Kisoro Concern for Marginalised People Organisation is a community based organization operating in the district of Kisoro, South Western Uganda, East Africa.

Shelter Construction

Rukeri Batwa community is a community niche which we started working with in 2017.This community has a total population of 200 occupants both parents and thei children.It should be noted that these indigenous Batwa were evicted from Mgahinga National Park which was their ancestoral home and were evicted in 1991 without compensation.Since 1991, these Batwa have been living under harsh conditions because when they were forced out of the forest, they were not prepared for the life they were going to live out side the forest. They just came out and started negotiating for their own survival with people they found in the community.

When we visited this community in 2017, we had an open discussion with them because they had occupied a government land and we thought we should help them despite the fact that we had no money to do so. These people were living in makeshift houses kraal like structures where they were roofed with old polythene bags and box papers. It is in these houses where they lived with their families, thus personal privacy was an issue. We started reaching out to some of our friends who accepted to start fundraising for the household construction.

Presently, we have constructed 37 houses which houses 37 families.The families are not yet covered since every year people become old and feel they want to live independent lives and others marry, so there is need for more houses.Every house in our community that was consitructed has a name tag at the entrance which means acrediting the person who sent his or her donation.

We are determined to achieve 100% houses construction which are iron roofed, has adequate space for parents and children and every house receives a mattress and a 500 litres rain water harvesting tank because the area which is occupied by the indigenous Batwa is water stressed, has no natural source of water, and this is a preventive measure to stop them from sneaking into the forest to look for water since they can be shot and arrested.

You too can partner with us by donating a house to a needy family. Thank you.

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