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Hand Crafts

To enable the indigenous Batwa to earn a living, we train them on making quality hand made crafts out of recyclable and natural materials

Hand Craft Making

This is also one of the Major Income Generating Activities for the Batwa wherever they live. As an organisation, we have a task to train the young ones how to make these hand crafts and look for market for them. The earnings from these handcrafts are used to buy food for the families, finance other household expenditures and meeting other basic needs of life.

Hand craft making is one of the key income generating activities which the Indigenous Minority Batwa engage in to earn a living. o foster their efforts, our organisation has embarked on training them on how to improve guality of their products to prepare themselves for a competetive market. We have also rolled out use of the recycled products such as plastics, polythen and paper to make sure that they are put to proper use other than living them littered in the environment. KCOMPO plans to put in place an organised place both in Rukeri Batwa Community and in town where by the would be buyers can find them.The biggest market for the products such as baskets, trays, necklaces, calabashes is tourists who come to track mountain gorillas and they develop an interest of seeing and interracting with the people who lived with the gorillas and were the lords of the forest but never destroyed any thing. In the near future when funds are available, we shall teach other people such as street children, orphans, widows and other groups how to make these handcrafts so that they can start selling them to earn a living or our organisation can help them to look for market both locally and abroad.

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